VET MX Nation
Pacific North West
Vet Motocross Club

Good people, Safe riding, Great motocross!

Vet Mx Nation is an age 30+ motocross riding club in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington). The club will provide a web site to help members learn about local track offerings such as discounts, practice classes for club members only, or even private practice dates put on by local tracks for club members.

Signup requirements - must be 30 years or older to be a vet members. We do accept "support class" members who are younger than 30 however their might be restrictions by the track as to what classes they might offer at certain events. Signup is free! Our goal Is to provide friendly, safe, riding, for vet motocross riders who wish to join together and use the club membership to ride with others of a similar age and skill. Strength in numbers will help the club get better riding dates and maybe even a discount or two throughout the year.

(Motocross Tracks)

Would you like to hold a private practice day for the club members?

Maybe have a practice class at your public practice days?

Maybe even have a race class just for the club members?

Contact the club as soon as possible! We hope we can help communicate with our club members and bring your track more business. Our goad is to support local tracks and at the same time provide club members with great riding.

This club is not a promoter or a track organizer. We are simply an internet club and want to work with tracks to allow them to offer our members options to ride at their track and to pay the track upon riding. The club does not accept money or make any money. By joining the club all members understand that the club is not liable for their riding or accidents as this is a dangerous sport. The club is also not liable for negligence of a track or promoter of an event. The club does not inspect tracks or conditions of any events.

Event Schedule

Other Vet mx club events you might enjoy
Date Event Location
Febuary 27-28, 2017 Arizona Oldtimers Casa Grande, AZ Motoland
March 4-5, 2017 Arizona OTMX Arizona Cycle Park, Vet Track, Buckeye, AZ
March 13, 2017 South OTHG LA County Raceway
March 20, 2017 South OTHG Cal City
April 10, 2017 South OTHG Sunrise
April 16-17, 2017 Nevada Oldtimers Fernley, NV - Fernley Sandbox
April 23-24, 2017 Sierra National OTHG Rancho Cordova, CA Prairie City
April 29-30, 2017 Nevada OTMX Fernley, NV
May 7, 2017 Bay OTHG Race MMX Sand Marysville
May 13-14, 2017 Rocky Mountain OTMX Niarada, MT
May 15, 2017 South OTHG Comp Edge
May 27-28, 2017 Washington OTMX Richland, WA - Horn Rapids
May 28-29, 2017 Reno National May OTHG Fernley, NV Fernley Sandbox
June 10-11, 2017 Sierra OTMX Rancho Cordova, CA - Prairie City MX Park
June 12, 2017 South OTHG LEMX
June 18-19, 2017 Mammoth Motocross Vet Weekend RMammoth Mountain
June 26, 2017 South OTHG AV Motoplex
June 26, 2017 Bay OTHG Race 408MX, San Jose
July 8-9, 2017 Oregon Oldtimers Washougal, WA Washougal
July 17, 2017 South OTHG Perris
July 30-31, 2017 BC Oldtimers Agassiz, BC, Canada CMA Aggassiz
July 31, 2017 South OTHG Comp Edge
July 31, 2017 Bay OTHG Race 408MX San Jose
Aug 6-7, 2017 Alberta Oldtimers Edmonton, AB, Canada Alberta
Aug 7, 2017 South OTHG LEMX
Aug 14, 2017 Bay OTHG Race Bay Warm-up Hollister
Aug 21, 2017 South OTHG Milestone
Sept 3-4, 2017 Bay National OTHG Hollister, CA Hollister Hills GP
Sept 18, 2017 South OTHG LACR, 9-11 MEMORIAL
Sept 17-18, 2017 Idaho Oldtimers Boise, ID OMC
Oct 1-2, 2017 SoCal Oldtimers San Bernardino, CA Glen Helen
Oct 1-2, 2017 South National OTHG Palmdale, CA LACR
Oct 16, 2017 South OTHG Cal City
Nov 12-13, 2017 Valley National OTHG Tulare, CA DT1
Nov 20, 2017 South OTHG Sunrise Cycle Park
Nov 20, 2017 OTHG Race Oatfield, Turlock
Nov ? Vet World Motocross Champ San Bernardino, CA Glen Helen